New report – electronics repair and maintenance in China

An infographic depicting the range of conservation value of repair and maintenance of electronics in China. Repair and maintenance can reduce the number of new devices by 215 million to 696 million units and reduce carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) between 65 million and 212 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.
The range of modelled values of savings from adding between 1 to 4 extra years of useful life to devices via maintenance and repair in China.

The electronics repair and maintenance sector in China offers significant conservation value when measured in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Under the scenarios we examine the RMC sector avoids between 65 million and 212 million tonnes of CO2e compared to new manufactures of computers. To put those numbers in some perspective these savings represent the equivalent of taking between 15–50 million passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

Suggested citation: Wang, Xiaowei and Lepawsky, Josh. 2022. Where is Repair? Computer repair in China. The WIRE Journal

The full report is available below (2MB pdf):