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None of us, not a single plant, critter, or human alike, remain untouched by the toxic. Knowingly or obliviously, through direct encounter or through a diluted intake downstream, its pervasiveness is so ubiquitous that to live with toxicity is a condition of life.

The Long Term You Cannot Afford.

SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin is hosting an online workshop in which participants examine what is knowable about distributions of toxicity when it comes to digital technologies. What do the possibilities and limits of that knowledge mean for accountability?

Scale is a crucial factor to come to grips with. The miniaturization of electronics over the last few decades has been achieved in part by producing chemical discards that, in terms of relative size, might be usefully conceptualized in terms typically reserved for astronomy. Just as the Sun is orders of magnitude larger than Earth, so too are the discards of electronics—chemical and otherwise—orders of magnitude larger than the electronics systems from which they are externalized.

This workshop examines these and related themes in practice with materials. Here we will work together to disassemble actual digital devices, research their brandings and components, and map some of their distributions. Tools, hands, and minds will work together in the arts of noticing what can, and cannot, be known about these devices. The workshop provides a jumping off point for discussion of what the possibilities and limits of such knowability (and unknowability) mean for various forms of accountability.

Links for the Workshop

During the workshop, participants will add data to an online form, found here: data collection form.